My Cinder pumpkin for Marrisa Meyer’s The Great (Lunar Chronicles) Pumpkin Contest! I had a lot of fun carving/shaving this pumpkin~ First time shaving a pumking, too! Ahh, this is one of my favorite book covers, and kind of perfect for a pumpkin (Cinderella and all, right?) One of my all-time favsies :D


EDIT: After finishing up the leg, I carved out the the text. Both are there because I had to gut part of the leg to add in the pretteh Cinder text, and I really like the leg — ‘tis my favorite part. A before and after.

- Courtney.

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    A glorious pumpkin it was, and a damn travesty it didn’t win!
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    Mah pumpkin; in honor or rereading Cinder and finishing Scarlet.
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    My friends have mad skillz. Pumpkins never looked so sexeh~ ;)
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